Veitshoechheim Kirchstrasse

Veitshöchheim, from my Childhood

This is where I spent my early years, until I moved to the city of Würzburg.

Veitshöchheim, is a suburb of Würzburg and only 7 km down the Main River. A well-known place, from which the successful broadcast “Fastnacht in Franken” has been shown on German TV for three decades. You could compare it with Mardi Gras in the US.

The Fasching parades and comedy shows are mostly in the Southern part of Germany, and mid to end of February.

Late February, the big attraction of the year is Fasching or Karneval.

The jewel of the place and symbol of its history is the famous Rococo garden with the associated summer residence of the Würzburg Prince-Bishops, designed by Balthasar Neumann. This garden is unique in Germany and is also unparalleled in Europe, and it still provides a vivid idea of horticultural art in the 18th century.

Veitshöchheim Hunter castle, Hofgarten
Hunters castle, Jagdschloss

The Veitshöchheimer Jagdschloss or Hunter castle, and Rokoko Gardens with a building made out of sea shells (Schneckenhaus). On the lake you see a flying horse called the “Pegasus”

Worthwhile is a visit through the picturesque old town with its flower-filled streets. As I am walking to the banks of the Main river, there are various leisure activities on which the excursion boats to Würzburg depart. Strolling down the Main Riverwalk, there are many cafes and restaurants – the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Main view over coffee or wine.

A Holiday home we rent is down by the Riverwalk, near the dock where the boats leave to Würzburg

One morning I got up early to do my Brötchen run, the sun was just right when I took these photos. Down by the River are my favorite restaurants. I love to sit there watching people walk by and strike up conversations.

Drinking Eis Kaffee at the Main Riverwalk is our past time when it’s hot out. Eis Kaffee is vanilla ice cream with cold coffee and topped with whipping cream.

The charming street scape of the Kirchstrasse. Spundloch Restaurant with a courtyard. Sankt Vitus Catholic Church is right across. Houses are heavily decorated with flowering Window boxes. Veitshöchheim had won Awards for being the most flowering town of Germany, Winner of 2009 “Deutschland blüht auf”

  • Veitshoechheim Kirchstrasse
  • Veitshoechheim, Altort
  • Veitshoechheim Main river walk
  • Wiek Haus Veitshoechheim
  • Riverwalk at the Main, Veitshoechheim
  • Bakery in Veitshoechheim
  • Restaurants at the Main, Veitshoechheim
  • Restaurants at the Main, Veitshoechheim
  • Fischerbärbel Veishoechheim
  • Veitshoechheim
  • Veitshöchheim Gasthaus Spundloch
  • Veitshoechheim
  • Veitshöchheim Maingärtle Biergarten menu
  • Veitshöchheim Maingärtle Biergarten
  • Veitshöchheim Altort
  • Veitshöchheim Sankt Vitus Kirche
  • Veitshöchheim
  • Veitshöchheim Altort beautiful flower boxes
  • Veitshöchheim Altort Main boardwalk
  • Veitshöchheim Altort Bakery
  • Veitshoechheim Weinwanderung, Winewalk, Weinschlendern
  • Veitshoechheim Weinwanderung, Winewalk, Weinschlendern

Taking a 20 minute boat ride to Würzburg

Main Cruise Boat, Barbarossa boat Wuerzburg
Barbarossa boat

I love to paint, here is my Watercolor painting of Veitshöchheim Old Town (Altort)

Veitshoechheim Altort Painting
Veitshoechheim Altort Painting