Dinner buffet, Glazed Carrots with Walnuts

Glazed Carrots with Walnuts

Still looking for a vegetable as a side dish for your next dinner? I found this to be a good fit for my dinner table. I cooked this Carrot dish the first time at my annual Christmas dinner with friends. It was a hit!   Continue reading Glazed Carrots with Walnuts

Potato Puree, mashed potato, hedgehog

My Mother’s Hedgehog mashed Potato

I was greatly influenced by my mother who went to culinary school. She taught me many tips and tricks about food art, and how to make fancy mashed potatoes The finished product should resemble a Hedgehog, in German it is called an Igel. Goes great with Bavarian Pork Roast. Click on picture  for recipe Serve with Bavarian Pork Roast from my Childhood or Beef Rouladen … Continue reading My Mother’s Hedgehog mashed Potato