German Potato dumplings or Kartoffelknödel (halb und halb)

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Potato Dumplings

This is how my mother prepared and cooked potato dumplings. She would use both boiled and raw potatoes for this delicious homemade side dish. It will not only give the dumplings a great consistency, but is also pure enjoyment with no frills

These Potato Dumplings are light and fluffy, with Croutons or without them. You’d fill the dumplings with toasted bread cubes by pressing the potato mixture flat on your hand, place 2-3 bread cubes on top and then fold it up and shape into a dumpling.

To make Potato dumplings a very tricky, when you add too little starch, they tend to fall apart while cooking. I recommend to drop a test dumpling into the boiling water, cook and let float to the top. Remove and test the consistency, hopefully it has not fallen apart. Add more potato starch as needed to the mixture, and try again. Because of this difficulty I like to make Semmelknödel, bread dumplings. I have a fool proof recipe for Semmelknödel here

  • cut up old bread for croutons
  • Fried croutons
  • Boiling potatoes
  • Mash peeled potatoes
  • Mashing potatoes
  • Peel potatoes
  • Grate potatoes
  • Squeeze grated potatoes
  • Potato dumplings ingredients in bowl
  • Potato dumpling mixture
  • croutons in the middle of Potato dumplings
  • Potato dumplings on cutting board
  • Boiling water with steamer
  • Steam potato dumplings
  • Boiling Potato dumplings
  • Steaming potato dumplings
  • Potato dumplings half and half
  • Potato dumplings with gravy
  • Potato dumplings with Gulasch