The Freiburg Münster or Cathedral

Freiburg Cathedral, Muenster

I decided to stop in Freiburg, which is located in the Rhein plain at the southern edge of the Black Forest. As we were walking to the Münsterplatz, as the Marktplatz is called in Freiburg, I saw the tall Our Beloved Lady Mary Cathedral in the midst of the the historic center.

This is the most important Gothic and historic church reaching back to medieval times. The church is named after Mary as its patron saint

Freiburg Cathedral, Muenster entrance
Freiburg Muenster Entrance

Shortly after the towns founding in 1120, the residents of Freiburg built the parish church on the site of the present day cathedral. The church was replaced by a more sophisticated and modern building after 1200 a. D.

The city of Freiburg suffered outbreaks of war again and again over centuries. The Habsburgs ruled the city over 400 years – from 1368 to 1803. There were political and economic problems, so the church was finally finished in the 16th century.

Freiburg Münster 1830’s

Unfortunately in the second World War, large areas of the town center was destroyed by allied bombings on November 27, 1944. The Freiburg Cathedral survived, but severely damaged.

Photo of Freiburg Cathedral, Muenster damaged in WWII
Freiburg Cathedral damaged in WWII

The panes of the upper choir windows are from 1511/1513 and originate from the Alsatian stained glass artist Hans Glitschmann who was based in Freiburg

After wandering around the Münsterplatz and ate a “Lange Rote” wurst, we concluded our trip and drove up North to our next adventure.

Freiburg Münsterplatz Flowers
Freiburg Münsterplatz Flowers

The “Lange Rote”, a long Bockwurst, is famous in this area. This Wurst is available at many booth on the Münsterplatz or Markplatz

Lange Rote in Freiburg, long Bock wurst
A “Lange Rote”, a long Bockwurst
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