A day at the Volkach Wine Festival

I decided on a Saturday morning in late September 2919 to take some pictures of the Franconia wine country, and by chance ended up at the Volkach Wine festival.

People in Franconia celebrate the conclusion of the grape picking season. Later in the afternoon I visited the nearby Sommerach to have lunch

My first stop was the Vineyards near the Vogelsburg in Volkach. It was too early for the Restaurant with their beautiful overlook, so I took some pictures of the vineyards.

Volkach Wein Prinzessin, Franconia Wine Princesses
Franconia Wine Princesses

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This is where vintners showed off their goods, for example the grapes they picked and also passed out their wine. There was a local Franconian band and lots of dancing.

Vintners were passing out wine and grapes. Everybody was in a good mood.

Franconian Folk Dancers (play video)

A side trip to Sommerach. Had a little Lunch at one of these Franconia Vintners courtyard. As you can see I had German Frikadellen, or Fleischkräpfle as they call it there

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