Vogelsburg near Volkach

A visit on a mid May afternoon to the best view in Lower Frankonia

While at a Family Reunion in the area, my cousin took me to this famous Look-out. A former nunnery, the Vogelsburg between Escherndorf and Volkach brought back childhood memories. Today there is a Restaurant and Biergarten on the site. A must see when visiting Würzburg and surrounding area

Rothenburg City Hall

Rothenburg o. T, Rathaus History

Thanks to three clocks, time never stops in the Ratstrinkstube (City Drinking Hall). Also see “Three Days in Rothenburg” Below the gable of the “Ratstrinkstube”…
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Miltenberg am Main

Between vineyards, forest and water at the romantic Main valley lies the gateway to Spessart and Odenwald, the medieval half-timbered town of Miltenberg. Here, on…
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Würzburg, where I grew up

Whenever we visit my hometown Würzburg we rent a little vacation home in Veitshöchheim, a town 10 km down the river. In the Morning, after…
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I highly recommend some of these guide books before heading to Germany

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