Why is Teewurst called Teewurst?


Afternoon tea was a constant in a middle-class household in Pomerania. In Rügenwalde (now Poland), where the Teewurst was invented, the emphasis was more on the hearty than sweets

The new Wurst creation quickly found its place at tea time. So the name Teewurst did not come from the pen of an ingenious marketing manager, but developed over time.

The savory Wurst was consumed with pleasure and often at tea time. This is how the name came about and it is how the sausage spread to the markets worldwide

Does Teewurst contain tea?

There is no tea in the Teewurst – so much in advance. At the end of the 19th century, the town of Rügenwalde was a “cosmopolitan city” when it came to sausages and specialty sausage mixes.

Rügenwalder Teewurst

Rügenwalde was a small town in part of Pomerania and a port city. Since after WWll it is Poland and now called Darlowo. The port made it possible for the meat and sausage traders in Rügenwalde to trade sausages in all directions. The Rügenwald sausage factory came into being in 1834. The founder was Carl Müller, a smart businessman

However, it was not Carl Müller who invented the Teewurst, but his son developed the spreadable sausage around 1900, which is still known today.

The wurst had several advantages. It was cheap to produce and it could be eaten by people with bad teeth, which was not uncommon at the time. In addition, the sausage tasted good, was easy to preserve, pack, portion and transport.

Back then, making the Teewurst was not as easy as it is today. At that time there were no such powerful and good shredding machines. However, the ingredients had to be broken down into the smallest parts and ground up. The sausage also had to mature. The result was impressive, the sausage had a strong yet delicate taste.

One advantage was the calorie content of the Teewurst due to the relatively high fat content. At that time, not every worker could buy wurst from his wages. Even small pieces of the Teewurst were enough for a loaf of bread to fill you up.

Even the small town of Rügenwalde still benefits from this invention today. You can hardly make Teewurst at home, but you can make many other types of sausage.

Ehmer Teewurst
Ehmer Teewurst can be bought here
I will need to consult with a butcher, and therefore will show you how to make this Teewurst sausage yourself in another article.
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