Who invented the Currywurst?

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A German cult fast food for sure, but when and where did it begin? And who invented the sauce? Both Berlin and Hamburg claim to have invented the Currywurst

However, Herta Heuwer from Berlin, who is said to have invented the Currywurst in 1949, has registered a patent
Currywurst with french fries

Supposedly Herta was so bored in her snack bar at Stuttgarter Platz, that she began to create a sauce with tomato paste and spices. She cut a boiled sausage into pieces and garnished it with her tomato sauce, which she patented ten years later under the name “Chillup”. However, the recipe should have taken her to the grave. In Berlin there is also the German Currywurst Museum, which informs about history, legends and interesting facts about the popular snack.

For the Hamburg version speaks above all a novel by Uwe Timm “The discovery of the currywurst”. In it he tells the story of the fictitious protagonist Lena Brücker, who makes her own after the Second World War. In a tragic love of a deserter with a snack stand – and finally prepared the first Currywurst. In any case, the author claims he has eaten a Currywurst at the Hamburger Großneumarkt in Hamburg in 1947, at the food stand of a woman.

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Whether from Hamburg, Berlin, the Ruhr or any other part of Germany – the sausage with the spicy sauce is indispensable in the cafeterias and snack bars of the Federal Republic. There are a variety of preparation options. Some use a bratwurst, some without the skin, others prefer the Bockwurst. Even cured or smoked sausages are often processed into a snack. Common to them is that they are usually served cut up.

The real secret of the various curried sausages, however, lies in the sauce, for which probably every manufacturer has his own, strictly confidential recipe. The basis is usually tomato ketchup or tomato paste and curry powder. For people who like to eat spicy, there are sauces with a lot of chilli powder or cayenne pepper, but also milder variants are possible.

currywurst, Germany

As an integral part of German cuisine, Currywurst has long since become a cult – no matter which city it was first invented. Thus, traditionally, at the end of almost every Cologne “crime scene” episode, the two police detectives meet at their favorite food stand overlooking Cologne Cathedral eating a Curry Wurst. 

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