Sankt Gilgen, Wolfgangsee

Salzkammergut, Wolfganssee

When on vacation at the beautiful Wolfgangsee in Austria, all my wishes are fulfilled. There are numerous sports activities, cultural highlights, or just relaxing for hours at the lake.

Sankt Gilgen lies at the picturesque Wolfgangsee (Lake Wolfgang). Here it is easy to leave everyday life behind – use the numerous water sports or relax in peace at one of the sunny and idyllic beaches right on the lake.

Wolfgangsee, Austria
Wolfgangsee, Austria

The cultural highlight of St. Gilgen is the birthplace of the mother of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I am an early riser, so while strolling down to Lake Wolfgang, I discovered this historic site. On the same street is the prestigious International School, where children from all over the world come to study.

Rathaus, City Hall. Sankt Gilgen
Sankt Gilgen City Hall

I visited many interesting museums, as well as a wonderful pilgrim trail over the Falkenstein to St. Wolfgang. Taking a boat ride on the Wolfgangssee was a highlight.

Wolfgangsee, Austria by Wikimedia
Wolfgangsee areal view (by Wikimedia)
Sankt Wolfgang, Austria, Salzkammergut
Sankt Wolfgang

My favorite dish in Austria is Kaiserschmarrn, besides Käsespätzle. Click on picture for the recipe

Kaiserschmarrn, Austrian dish
Traditional dish, the Kaiserschmarrn

We surrounded by the magnificent mountain scenery, the pictures does not do it justice. Breathtaking!!

Children in their Dirndl and Lederhosen playing. There is always a festival of some sorts going on

Salzkammergut, Sankt Wolfgang
Salzkammergut, Sankt Wolfgang

We enjoyed watching hang gliders on top of the mountain

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