Rum or Eggnog Liqueur Cake will lighten up any gathering

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Many people already know about Eierlikörkuchen from a German grandma – who, of course, has made the world’s best. Same recipe can be used as Rumkuchen (Rum cake).

Incidentally, those cakes are often made with an oil and butter mixture. This creates a very special moisture. In the classic version, it is baked in a Gugelhupf form. But even in the spring or larger pound cake pan, this cake will look and taste delicious.

  • Eierlikör Kuchen, Egg liquor, Rum cake ingredients
  • Batter for Egg Liquor cake, Eierlikörkuchen preparation
  • Eggnog liquor Verpoorten
  • Evan Williams Eggnog Liquor with Whiskey
  • Christian Brothers Holiday Eggnog Liquor
  • baked Eggnog liquor cake in Guglhupf form
  • baked Eggnog liquor cake
  • roasted Walnuts
  • Prepare the glaze for the cake
  • Cover baked Eggnog liquor cake with sugar glaze soak and walnuts
  • Cover baked Eggnog liquor cake with sugar glaze soak and walnuts
  • Egg liquor cake
  • Eggnog liquor cake, Serve when cooled
  • Rumkuchen, Rum cake

If Eggnog Liqueur is not available, mix Eggnog and brown Rum or make from scratch Eierlikör. If you decide to make a Rum cake, just use plain brown rum.

If you like it sweet, put holes on top of the warm cake, drip the glaze over it. If there are only adults eating cake, use a meat injection syringe and push liquor inside the hot/warm cake after you take it out of the oven.

For this recipe I used a large Guglhupf form about 9.5″. This cake will taste better the next day, so wrap it in some plastic foil overnight.