Balsamic glazed Cornish Hens for a small gathering

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Angie presenting her Balsamic glazed Cornish hens

As the holidays are approaching, there will be a question: What should I cook for only a small group of 2 to 4 people with little effort.

This smaller breed of chicken is also called Rock Cornish Game Hen, and a cross breed between Cornish game cocks, the Malayan fighting cock and the White Plymouth Rock chicken to produce a succulent smaller bird. Cornish hens were bred by a Connecticut couple in the 1950’s and became popular thereafter

  • Filling the Cornish Hens
  • Balsamic glazed cornish hens ready for the oven
  • Glazed Balsamic Cornish Hens
  • Balsamic glazed Cornish Hens

Instead of Cornish Hens, a plain chicken or duck breast can be used in this recipe. This one-dish meal has an impressing presentation. I stuffed the hens with colorful peppers, onions and several sprigs of rosemary. I added the small potatoes and roasted Brussels at at a later time.

A Cornish hen, while still young and small is suitable for a single serving

For a one dish meal you follow the recipe below:

Bake the Cornish Hens on a large baking pan/sheet with rim for a total for 1 hr 10 min. After 35 min of baking, add the small potatoes. Next you place the halved Brussels sprouts in a plastic bag and shake in olive oil, sea salt and cajun or red pepper seasoning. Place them into the oven with the Cornish hen and potatoes for an additional 45 minutes (can be added on a separate baking sheet). The Brussels sprouts need to be turned halfway through. About 10 min. before the end of cooking, I brush the Cornish Hens with a balsamic glaze, which gives it a special zing. Scroll down for ingredients and steps to follow

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