Historic Doorhandles, Pulls and Knobs

Historic knobs and pulls Germany

When strolling through old European towns, I love to look at antique and renaissance hardware on old doors. There is always a story and rich history behind them

Featured image: This lock is made by Frank Koralewski in 1911, and is covered with gold, silver and bronze

These locks go back hundreds of years, some to the Middle ages. (First five pictures I took when strolling through Passau)

Historic door pull
Historic door pull
Historic knobs and pulls
This old door and lock below from 1585 has a historic significance. It is in the Townhall of Dettelbach, where my paternal grandfather served as a Mayor in 1950’s.
Old door Dettelbach
Dettelbach Rathaus anno 1585
The lock mechanism from a medieval door lock. I took this picture at at an old fortress chapel below
Old historic door knob

Looking to to some home improvements? Some ideas below:

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