Dettelbach, Lower Franconia

Dettelbach City Hall

My fathers birthplace, Dettelbach, This medieval town was first mentioned in 741 a.D. I spend my summers there with uncles and aunts, where I stayed in my grandfathers home built in 1560. I still hold a special connection with this historic town


My grandparents home. One of the oldest homes in town, from 1560


The ally of my grandparents home. I spend many summers there


The medieval city fortification with 52 watch towers and five city gates is almost completely preserved, despite demolitions. This Medieval tower is now used as a vacation apartment


Already in the 19th century, three of the five city gates were sacrificed due to traffic. Very well preserved are the Brücker Tor in the north and the Faltertor at the northeast corner of the city wall.

Just as medieval are the narrow cobble stone streets and half-timbered houses. Particularly worth seeing is the late Gothic town hall, and the ensemble around the small marketplace below the town church. According to a legend, the architect is said to have planned the town hall, so that three people can enter the town hall simultaneously without being seen (outside staircase, passage, from the west side). Below the town church, a pillory with pedestal and iron bar and the inscription “For bad People” can still be seen.

The Dettelbach Cityhall


Next to Maria im Sand from anno 1616, which is a a pilgrimage church, was a Franciscan monastery. My Oma and Opa lay in the adjacent cemetery.


Muskatzinen cookies, Dettelbach, Germany
A special local pastry specialty are the Muskatzinen cookies, which are made out of spiced dough with loop-shaped wooden models, then baked and available in the two pastry shops/cafes of the city.


Watercolor painting of the Dettelbach City Hall
My Watercolor painting of the Dettelbach City Hall


Dettelbach medieval wall
Dettelbach medieval wall


Dettelbach narrow cobblestone streets
Narrow cobblestone streets


Medieval wall Dettelbach
Walking at the medieval wall

oldest B&B and Home in Dettelbach

One of the oldest B&B and Home in Dettelbach anno 1500


B&B in Dettelbach
Our B&B in Dettelbach
Dettelbach City hall, Rathaus
Grandfather was the mayor in the 1950’s
Dettelbach City hall, Rathaus
Cityhall, town council meeting room
Old door from 1585 Dettelbach
Cityhall door From 1581
Old door from 1585 Dettelbach
Old door from 1585 Dettelbach
Schatztruhe anno 1400,, tax collection box
Schatztruhe anno 1400, used as a tax collection box


Dettelbach, Bavaria
A romantic corner to sit

Pfarrkirche Sankt Augustine, Dettelbach

Pfarrkirche Sankt Augustine
Medieval wall, Dettelbach
Medieval wall
Dettelbach, St. Augustine Church
View to St. Augustine Church

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  1. Hast Du ganz toll zusammengestellt Angie! Wunderbar finde ich auch daß Du noch das Haus der Grosseltern kennst und daß es so historisch ist! Sollte ich jemals noch in diese Gegend kommen, würde ich gerne auch dieses Städtchen besuchen.
    Folks, go and visit, it’s an authentic and historic villiage without horrendous masses of tourists!

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