Eierweck, a German sweet yeast roll

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Eierweck, Eierhörnchen

Eierweck or Eierhörnchen

These yeast rolls taste excellent, kind of reminds me a little of brioche. The crust is really thin and tender, the crumb is loose, fluffy-soft and has a buttery aroma.

These “Eierweck” sweet bread yeast rolls are also shaped as croissants and can be found in my Franconia Bakery, regional of Würzburg.

As a kid, I remember visiting aunts and uncles who owned a Bakery in Lower Franconia. Their speciality were croissants made of this kind of yeast dough. We always picked up a dozen and I ate at least four of them on a short drive home.

A secret ingredient is Diastatic malt powder. Savvy bread bakers use it to promote a strong rise, great texture, and lovely brown crust. Just 1 tsp for 3 cups flour, and you would see and taste the difference. Can be frozen or vacuum packed.

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