Mittenwald in the Karwendel mountains

When traveling south from Landshut, I tried to avoid the Autobahn, so I took on a quaint country road. After a couple of hours driving through South Bavaria, I arrived in Mittenwald.

Mittenwald is a lovely and colorful Bavarian town known for painted Facades on the buildings called Lüftmalerei.

As you see, the Karwendel mountains with the peaks as a majestic backdrop are stunning, and I could not stop gazing at them from my balcony.

I found a neat B&B not far from the town center. Parking was not a problem near the guest house, I just left my car at the curb for three days and walked everywhere.

The best picture opportunity I had one morning of St. Peter and Paul church (left), when I was making my Bakery run to Cafe Obermarkt in Mittenwald (red facade to the right

The Mittenwald surroundings are also a paradise for vacationers in Bavaria. there is a variety of landscapes that attracts cyclists, hikers and families that enjoy the rocky Karwendel mountain peaks.

Mittenwald, Karwendel mountains

Redesigned, the historic center radiates with a giant Violin, I saw small streams and squares throughout the town. The Violin making in Mittenwald is bursting with history.

At the first evening I walked to the city center. I noticed the sun giving an interesting reflection off the mountain

Mittenwald Facade Paintings
Topfenknödel like this you will find in Bavarian or Austrian Cafe's. By wikimedia

I loved walking and sitting outside for coffee and cake. I admired the streetscape and painted homes. I ate a Topfenknödel dish in Mittenwald.

Mittenwald Facade Paintings

Mittenwald is known for their famous
Facade paintings, also known as Lüftmalerei

Ballenhausgasse Mittenwald
Ballenhausgasse Mittenwald

The pedestrian zone and house facades, which are decorated with Paintings called Lüftlmalerei

Mittenwald Facade Paintings

Music lovers also appreciate the violin making museum, the genuine folk music and the varied music festivals in the Summer.

Mittenwald has a extensive violin-making history, documented in the Geigenbaumuseum

Geigenbauermuseum Mittenwald. Violi museum

In the middle of the village rises the parish church of St. Peter and Paul with its baroque church tower. In the December month this place is surrounded by the Christmas market also called Christkindlmarket

Church of Saint Peter and Paul, Mittenwald

The church and many of the surrounding buildings, both businesses and private residences are decorated with elaborate paintings on the exterior walls. 

Interior of Sankt Peter and Paul church, Mittenwald

With the Karwendelbahn you can be up the mountain within a few minutes. The train runs every day from 9 am to 4 pm, on the half hour. The ascent and descent is available for about 26,00 EUR. Not only winter sports enthusiasts enjoy themselves, in the the summer one can simply relax in a sun chair and enjoy the beautiful view.

Watch a little video below:

There is a breath taking panorama view to the Karwendel, Wetterstein and Ester mountains.

You can take the Kranzberg chairlift as a starting point for a hike. There is a hiking path to 24 stations, or you can choose to take the route to the summit.

Northern side of the Karwendel mountain range

Northern side of the Karwendel mountain
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