Tangy Sauerbraten makes your taste buds happy

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A Sunday meal I remember growing up. That sweet and sour, tangy taste and smell you won’t forget. Some have to develop taste buds for it. Sauerbraten can be a big hit a the dinner table, you can’t go wrong cooking for a big crowd.

The Sunday classic Sauerbraten is perhaps one of the most famous traditional German dishes.  It is top round beef roast that is particularly tender after long hours of marinade. Plan a couple days ahead!

  • Top round beef roast
  • German Sauerbraten
  • Sourbraten, Sauerbraten, Tangy beef roast
  • Savoy cabbage, Wirsinggemüse
  • Sauerbraten, potato dumplings and red cabbage

The secret lies in the marinade, consisting of red wine, herbs, spices and of course vinegar. Vinegar breaks down meat fibers, connective tissue and tendons and makes the meat tender. The longer you put the roast in, the more intense it will taste.  If you store it in the refrigerator, you can leave it to marinate for several weeks, it penetrates the roast with all its aromas.

Another option if you too busy. No marinating required, just buy the mix here

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