Obatzda, a Bavarian Brie Spread

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Obatzda, prepared Brie spread

Obatzda or Angemachter Camembert in my Franconian circles, is a typical Bavarian spread made from Brie. It is served with a fresh Pretzel or Bauernbrot

have an American friend who despised caraway seeds, but now he got accustomed, and his taste buds adjusted. In a sudden the Caraway seeds need to be included. He even drinks my Caraway Schnapps I bring back from the Westerwald. So never say never (-:. If there is a known problem, just leave them off, or crush them small.

This spread includes Beer and Caraway seeds which is added in many Southern German dishes, just like to my Bavarian Pork roast and Sauerkraut.

The difference between Brie and Camembert: Brie has 60% of milk fat, Camembert only 45%. Either can be used.

Served with a Bavarian Pretzel or Mein Bauernbrot, a no-knead German crusty Bread

Served with a soft Pretzel or German Crusty bread/Bauernbrot

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