Obatzda, a Bavarian Brie Spread

Obatzda, angemachter Camembert, Bavarian Brie Spread, a Munich speciality

“Obatzda”, also called “Angemachter Camembert” in my Franconian circles, is a typical Bavarian spread made from Brie. It is served with a fresh Pretzel or Bauernbrot

This spread includes Beer and Caraway seeds which is added in many Southern German dishes. Thinking about Bavarian Pork roast and Sauerkraut.

Obatzda, prepared Brie spread

I have an American friend who despised caraway seeds, but now he got accustomed, and his taste buds adjusted. In a sudden the Caraway seeds need to be included. He even drinks my Caraway Schnaps I bring back from the Westerwald. So never say never (-:. If there is a known problem, just leave them off, or crush them small.

The difference between Brie and Camembert: Brie has 60% of milk fat, Camembert only 45%. Either can be used.

Obatzda Ingredients, German Brie spread, Angemachter Camembert

I used my Ninja mixer like the one below, but a fork will do to mash the Brie, Butter and Cream cheese

Served with a soft Pretzel or German Crusty bread/Bauernbrot

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