How the Weisswurst was born (Recipe)

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The Munich Weisswurst is a world-renowned specialty with its own legend

When in Munich, I sometimes meet with relatives who live close by. We walk this beautiful city, perhaps take the double decker tour bus for sightseeing. At the end we make our way over to the Viktualienmarkt to have the famous Weisswurst

The Viktualienmarkt is a Biergarten in the middle of Munich. There you can buy the famous Weisswurst. It is the custom that you eat the hot Weisswurst with a grainy sweet Mustard and Pretzel. Originally it was served before noon, now all day, in a covered  soup bowl submerged in hot water. And just don’t bite into the Weisswurst, you suckle on one end first (-; or just cut the wurst lengthwise to remove the skin

The Weisswurst History:

Allegedly, the Munich Weisswurst is said to have been invented on February 22, 1857 by Sepp Moser, the host of the beer industry “Zum Ewigen Licht”. On the day of the carnival highlight, the sheep intestine for his sausages were all used up. Sepp filled the finished veal ground unintentionally in a much larger casing. 

The story could not be verified, it has been circulated for decades through newspaper articles. The butcher did not fry the Weisswurst in a pan, but prepared them in hot water. The new, “by-chance “Sausage form was liked very well by first timers, the regulars and the dignitaries of the city. When Sepp Moser refined the Wurst by advice of some guests during the next production run, he added some more spices and herbs. The Munich Weisswurst was born! As with any legend, truth and poetry mix together, making it hard to verify in retrospect.

Below you see the preparation: grinding the veal and pork, adding spices, filling the casings with the meat mixture, boiling and finished product
  • Grinding veal and pork for Weisswurst
  • Filling Weisswurst with grinded meat
  • Weisswurst preparation
  • Place sausages in hot water, leave in for 30 minutes, adjust heat to keep temperature constant at 175F (80C)
  • Serve Weisswurst in hot water
  • Serve Weisswurst with sweet mustard and Pretzel

Served with Pretzels, almost like from the Bakery

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