Bavarian Leberspätzle (Liver Spaetzle)

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Liver Spaetzle soup, Leberspätzlesuppe
Liver Spaetzle soup, Leberspätzlesuppe

If you like Liverwurst, or Liver Dumpling soup, you’d appreciate the Liver Spaetzle, or in German Leberspätzle. Liver Spaetzle are a classic variant of Spaetzle, as they are popular throughout Bavaria and Swabia. They are often used in a hearty Liver Spaetzle soup or fried with onions.

The recipe for Liver Spaetzle is easy to make yourself and can be used as the main protagonist in several dishes.

Even though I regularly have Cheese Spaetzle with roasted onions, the Liver Spaetzle were a premiere. Because my husband doesn’t appreciate it much (he didn’t even tried them), but luckily, my doggie Cooper loved the Liver Spaetzle, just like me!

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