Potato Pancakes or Kartoffelpuffer

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Also called Kartoffelpuffer or Reiberdatschi in German and Latkes in Sweden. The term “Reibekuchen” is used when you add some bacon

It’s an easy dish and could be served as an Appetizer with applesauce or sour cream

Preparation of Potato Pancakes

The dish is prepared from raw peeled potatoes and onions. The potatoes are grated coarsely or fine to your preference. The squeezed out potatoes are mixed with flour, salt and egg. Typical, spices are salt and pepper, maybe nutmeg and parsley. The mixture is dropped by a spoon into hot clarified butter or cooking oil, pressed down a bit with a spatula and fried until crispy. When adding bacon to this recipe, the term”Reibekuchen” is used. Typical side dishes are applesauce, sour cream and smoked salmon.

  • Grate potatoes
  • Potato pancakes preparation
  • Potato pancakes in pan
  • Potato pancakes with apple sauce
  • Zürich Geschnetzeltes
  • Potato pancakes, Kartoffelpuffer
I used a Mandoline slicer from Amazon like this one

Guten Appetit!

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