Schwibbogen Ornament

Schwibbogen Ornament

The Schwibbogen is a candle arch from the Erzgebirge. It’s a Christmas decoration that can be found in almost any home in the region. The Schwibbögen is an integral part of the Erzgebirge folk art.

Erzgebirge folk artists have produced a variety of forms and motifs. One of the best known is the candle arch. In addition to the round Schwibbögen there are also Schwibbögen that come as a triangle.

The Dresdner Striezelmarkt has the largest walk-in Schwibbogen.

Striezelmarkt in Dresden
Striezelmarkt in Dresden

In the body of the Arch (rarely on top) are scenic representations that are lit by candles. The artwork is mostly set up on pedestals.

Hartz Schwibbogen Christmas Ornament from the Erzgebirge
Hartz Schwibbogen Christmas Ornament

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