Spinach Dumplings at the ‘Buzihütte’ in Tyrol

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Spinach Dumplings

We ate these delicious Spinach dumplings after a short climb up a mountain to the rustic Buzihütte restaurant near Innsbruck, Austria. Afterward we sat with the locals and sang.

Spinach dumplings, Spinatknoedel

On days when I don’t know what to cook (unfortunately there are more of them than I would like), I make my Spinach dumplings. They taste great and can also be frozen very well

I heard that the Buzihütte is a must for Innsbruck visitors and tourists. Besides Spinach dumplings, we had the stuffed Schnitzel (Eiterbeule) and the Blueberry pancake as dessert. All in all, the menu had something to offer for everyone

Spinatknödel Gasthaus Buzihuette in Innsbruck

After an amazing hike in the eastern part of Innsbruck, we reached the rustic Guesthouse Buzihütte on the edge of the forest. We sat down for dinner outside and had an amazing evening with music, singing and laughter. Everyone was radiating good vibes and made us feel welcome

You can see how to prepared the spinach dumplings in the my slides, the exact recipe can be found below. Good luck!

  • Chop a medium onion and 2 cloves garlic
  • Cook down spinach
  • Cook down Spinach leaves. Drain liquid
  • Drain liquid from spinach
  • ingredients for Spinach dumplings
  • Combine ingredients for Spinach dumplings
  • Spinach dumplings, Spinatknoedel
  • Spinach dumplings, Spinatknoedel steaming
  • Spinach dumplings, Spinatknoedel
  • Spinach dumplings, Spinatknoedel
  • Spinach dumplings, Spinatknoedel

This Recipe is asking for “Topfen” which is Quark. Quark is hard to find in the US, the best substitutes for Quark are: cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, Greek yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese, mascarpone cheese, and crème fraîche. Read more about Quark substitutes here

I prepared the dough a day ahead and left it overnight, covered in the fridge.The cold dough stiffened a bit and it was easy to form the dumplings. You can moisten your hands if the dough sticks to your hands, and add more breadcrumbs if necessary.

Instead of cooking the dumplings in water without a lid, I prefer steaming them in a basket in the Instant Pot, adding 3 cups of water and leave the seal valve open.

The Buzihütte song: