Bacharach am Rhein

Bacharach is a tourist destination. Named a UNESCO World Heritage site of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley in the district of Mainz-Bingen in Rhineland-Palatinate. The original name Baccaracus indicates a Celtic origin. Above the village rises the castle Stahleck (now a youth hostel).

We stopped for two hours on our Rhine day cruise, ate some lunch at the ‘Altes Haus’ from 1389. Afterwards we strolled the romantic cobblestone streets with the half timbered homes.

I would have missed lots of sites of interest, if I did not have a German guide book. Here are some recommendations:


Beautiful Bier Steins in the window
"Altes Haus" Guesthouse
Having Lunch outside at the “Altes Haus” Guesthouse
Altes Haus, Bacherach
Interior of “Altes Haus” Everything is solid wood and a comfortable atmosphere
Menu "Altes Haus"
The menu even looks historic
This guesthouse is becoming my favorite place and hang out
Bacherach am Rhein
Another famous street corner and Guesthouse in Bacherach
Hidden path Bacherach
Exploring the hidden path to take the steps to Burg Stahleck
Cobblestone streets
Cobblestone streets

Burg Stahleck was a highlight of our trip. If you good on foot you can take the steps up there. It is very old, build about 1100 to 1200 a. D
Burg Stahleck, now a youth hostel
View from Burg Stahleck

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