Stift Melk and Dürnstein in the Wachau, Austria

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Dürnstein, Austria

While staying in Weissenkirchen, Austria, and the wine region of Wachau, we did day trips to Vienna, the castle of Archduke Franz Ferdinand (Schloss Artstetten), and took a day cruise to Stift Melk. It was a week full of history and sightseeings

Arriving at our Bed & Breakfast “Donauhof” Hotel Garni in Weissenkirchen

Wachau is a Wine region along the Danube, with a mild climate and excellent white wines. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Wachau is magical in every season.

Drinking sweet wine and being serenaded by an Accordion player, singing the famous “Mariandl” song in Wachau courtyard

We took our time, in a rustic wine cellar with a crackling log fire and an old-fashioned wine press. Nowhere is this time more beautiful, sociable, tasty and carefree than at a hearty “Hauerjausn” accompanied by full-bodied sweet wines from the region.

The building in Weissenkirchen on the left looked like it had Italien influence. On the right up the hill you see the towns Church Mariä Himmelfahrt. It also has a very old school from anno 1385 that is still in use

The famous song Mariandl 1962 movie was filmed near the town Spitz, with Rudolf Prack & Conny Froboess. The song “Mariandl” became a big hit in the 60’s
The gentle hills are all planted with grapevines

The “Achleiten” is perhaps the most characterful location of the Wachau, which brings grapes for many wines with many minerals and enormous shelf life

Located on the eastern edge of Weissenkirchen, wine was grown here on the dry stone terraces since the 12th century. In the upper part of the location dominates the bright Gföhler Gneiss, on the lower slopes emerge dark, often slated Amphibolite rocks. The slopes are optimally inclined to the sun with a special quality of the primeval soil.

Courtyards in the Wachau
Courtyards in the Wachau
A boat ride on the Danube
Wachau cruise ship Danube Donau

We took a day cruise on the Danube, a boat ride for about 33 km from Melk to Krems where there are multitude historic buildings.

Along the Danube you see villages with a medieval character. Due to the mild climate influenced by the Danube, the Wachau produces excellent wines (to the sweeter side), which are appreciated by connoisseurs all over the world.

We walked from Weissenkirchen to the town Spitz on a vineyard trail for several miles. At the Mariandl Restaurant I had the famous “Marillenknödel

While hiking through the vineyards, we stopped at an old Defence Church that surrounded by a medieval wall

We did a excursion to Schloss Artstetten, where Duke Franz Ferdinand (Haus Habsburg-Lothringen) was assassinated at a state visit in 1914 Sarajevo, Bosnia. His murder subsequently caused WWI, a historical and dark time in history

Castle Schloss Artstetten, Duke Franz Ferdinand
Schloss Artstetten, Duke Franz Ferdinand castle

On the southern bank of the Danube, in a natural idyll of the Wachau, is a magnificent view over the mighty stream. On the famous Ried Achleiten, past Weissenkirchen, and high up Dürnstein are the ruins that is embedded in the vineyards. There we found traditional wine taverns called “Heuriger”

Duernstein, Austria, Danube
Dürnstein, Austria, Danube

Dürnstein is a small town on the Danube river in the Krems district, in Austria. It is one of the most-visited tourist destinations in the Wachau region, and also a well-known for their wines.

From afar you see Burg Ruin Loewenherz on the hill

Burg ruin Loewenherz, Duernstein, Austria

We found a high density of excellent restaurants and inns and were served regional cuisine of the highest level at reasonable prices. Tasteful balance of down-to-earth ingredients and creative food makes a Foodie happy.

The Benedictine Abbey, called Melk (until the 19th century also Stift Mölk) is located in Lower Austria near the city of, Melk on the right bank of the Danube. The present (Baroque) building was built in the years 1702-1746 by Jakob Prandtauer. As a symbol of the Wachau, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Stift Melk, Austria
Stift Melk, Austria

It has been described as the “most emblematic and dominant baroque building”. It also houses the Stiftsgymnasium Melk, the oldest existing school in Austria.

We concluded our week in the Wachau, after a wholesome breakfast we started our three hour drive to Prague

The famous Marillenknödel Recipe below:

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