Amsterdam, Netherland

Amsterdam and its exciting and turbulent history

A couple years back we decided to drive to Amsterdam. I booked a hotel three days ahead online and got a good deal for three nights. While there, I found out that the hotel parking was $35. per day (or $5 an hour on the street). Therefore, I do not recommend to drive into Amsterdam city by car.

There are flights, bus tours or trains for transportation that run from most German and other European cities. The highlight of the trip was taking a day hop on-hop off Boat tour on the canals (Krachten) and visiting the Rijksmuseum. It is pedestrian cobble stone city, the best to be explored by foot. Most buildings are erected around 1500-1600 a.D, and amazingly held up through the years.

Amsterdam History

In the year 1250 the first farmers and fishermen settled in the area of today’s urban area of ​​Amsterdam. The Gilded Age, Beer, Wonders and Tulip mania – Amsterdam had a turbulent history.

Archaeological finds from the city center, around 1900, indicates that even in Roman times people lived in today’s urban area. They had a hard fight with mud and swamp in 1250 a.D. All in all, the area was very difficult to cultivate. The people had to struggle with piles and wrestled with building land from the damp ground.

Amstel and Dam will be Amsterdam. It owes its name to a dam (formerly called “Dam”) on the Amstel (the Amstel, that is a large river that flows through Amsterdam. Amsterdam means as much as “Damm an der Amstel”.

Incidentally, the “Dam” still exists – right in the center. Today, on the spot where the eponymous dam once stood, there is a large square called “Dam”.

Amsterdam, Netherland, mall, former train station
Former post office, now mall

Marijuana Coffee shops

The Netherland, also called Holland, has a history with Cannabis/Marijuana since the 1920’s when the plant was legal in the Dutch East Indies Colony. Since the 1970’s the famous Dutch coffee shops began to open. There are now 1500 of those in the Netherlands. We stopped for some Marijuana ice cream

The waterways that run through Amsterdam are called “Krachten. Almost everybody who lives in Amsterdam owns a boat, their main transportation besides the bike. Most cars are parked outside of the city. Parking in Amsterdam is almost impossible

The Rijksmuseum is a Dutch national museum dedicated to arts and history in Amsterdam. The museum is located at the Museum Square, also across from the Van Gogh museum

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam
The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam
Amsterdam Rijksmuseum Rembrandt, Night watch
Amsterdam Rijksmuseum Rembrandt, Night Watch