Greek stuffed Eggplants

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Stuffed Eggplants

Have you seen those purple Eggplants in the grocery store, but were not sure what to do with them?

There a several Mediterranean recipes, like fried Eggplant slices or the Moussaka casserole dish, just to mention a few. I especially like these Greek stuffed Eggplants or “Auberginen Boote” and prepare them several times a year

Whenever I am in the mood for Greek food and on my low Carb diet I make these fabulous Auberginen Boote or filled Eggplants.

Wash the eggplant and cut in half lengthways. Then scoop out the flesh with a spoon and chop finely. The filling can be tomatoes and the chopped Eggplant, spices and herbs, Feta or sheep cheese and a melting cheese on top. I prefer to add some minced meat as you see in the recipe below.

Serve with my Tzatziki recipe

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