Last year I tried myself at Schinken, the German version of Prosciutto. The difference is that Schinken is cold smoked and dried, versus Prosciutto is hung/dried for a year.

It taste great with my German Bauerbrot

I looked at many German YouTube clips and went on Facebook Groups that master smoking meats.

You need curing salt. I can recommend to buy it right here:

My experience is that Sams Club has the best meats, so I purchased 3 large pork loins for Lachs Schinken. It is a long process. There has to be a constant temperature anywhere around 45 to 50F. I have a large Masterbuilt smoker with a cold smoke attachment. Covering with Spices and Curing salt, a drying process, then cold smoking, than another 6 weeks of hanging/drying in a cool room at 45 F. It sure was an adventure, but it paid of mighty. Since I start early November I had a lot of Schinken as gifts for Christmas. I vacuum pack, so they last about 6 month. That makes me think, should I start this week?

My Recipe is still confidential, but there are many you can find online

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