A train ride to Ghent and Brugge in Belgium

Brugge, Belgium

This excursion was part of our trip that ended in Paris. Arriving in Ghent on a May Day in 2013. It was a cloudy, and it had rained on and off for 4 month. First thing we saw was a see of bicycles at the train station. We walked to our B&B “A Bed in Ghent” by host Tom de Wolf. We were greeted warmly, and he carried our luggage upstairs.

The room was retro and comfortable. I remember it had a records and a record player from Beatles and such, basically 70ties music. After discovering Ghent on 48 hour city pass, Museums, castle and boat rides, we took a day trip to Brugge. Ghent is conveniently located between Brussel and Brugge.

The Belgians are masters in languages, lots of them speak German, French, English and their own Flandern. By the way, something that is confusing, the town Brugge is the name in Dutch, Bruges in French, and Brügge in German.

A great resource I found were those guide books by Rick Steves. It helped me discover sites I did not know without. You can buy them here:


Bicycles at Ghent train station
We arrived at the Ghent train station. We were greeted by many Bikes greeted us at the . It was a cloudy day
Ghent, Belgium Architecture
The typical Belgium Architecture
Boats in Ghent, Belgium
Strolling down the boardwalk admiring the boats
Ghent castle
The ancient Ghent castle. Looking overt the city
Crochet doilies  in Ghent
Crochet doilies, an old art. Saw this in a shop window as a display
Altar in Ghent Museum
An Altar in Ghent museum
Brugge, Belgium Architecture
Arriving in Brugge. Depending what nationality you are you’d call it Bruge, Brugge, Brügge or Bruges. Notice the steeples and the colorful buildings
Brugge, Belgium waffles in Brugge
Belgium Waffles are a must
Bruges Market place, Brugge
The Market place is puzzling on Saturday morning. At 3 pm everything was quite
Bruges Market place, Brugge
Brugge Market
Belfried of Brugge
The Belfried of Brugge is located right at the market place
Horse carriages in Brugge, Belgium
Horse carriage taking people on tours
Bruges Grachten
Taking a boat ride on the Grachten (channel)
Dog in the window
Riding by a doggie in the window
Interesting figures
Fountain in Brugge
An unusual fountain in Brugge
Church of our Lady, Bruges
Church of our Lady, Brugge
Looking across the Brugge Market place
Famous Belgium chocolate
Famous Belgium chocolate

More impressions of the Brugge

Many varieties of Belgium Beer

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