German Beef Rouladen

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Beef Rouladen, German Rouladen recipe
Beef Rouladen with noodles

A favorite meal I prepare for guests while in the US are Rouladen. It can’t be found in many restaurants there. The best meat for Rouladen is Top Round beef, cut into 1/4 inch thin steaks

The classic Beef Rouladen are certainly one of the most popular Sunday and festive meals in Germany. In home-style restaurants, it is a hit on the menu. My family recipe, prepared in the classic way without frills, is easier than you think and has already inspired many of my readers.

You need to have everything ready. Chop the onions, pickles and bacon. I used to cook my Rouladen in the Dutch Oven or a large deep pan with top. Now I have a Ninja Foodi Pressure cooker that is similar like my retired Instant Pot. I prefer this method, the Rouladen won’t fall apart. From the time of preparation it will take about 2 hours, shorter with the Ninja Foodi, about an hour.

Rouladen can be cooked in the “Instant Pot or Ninja Foodi”. Sear the filled Rouladen on all sides in a pan. Place Rouladen on a trivet and add 2 cups of broth, 1/2 onion and tomato paste. Cook at high pressure 15 to 18 minutes depending on thickness, then a 10 minutes slow release. Remove onion, thicken the sauce, season with additional salt and pepper, beef cube. Add some red wine, and/or Worcestershire sauce at the end

If you cannot find thinly sliced beef (Milanesa), have a speciality store or Deli butcher slice it for you. For this recipe I bought a 3 lb Top Round Beef Roast which I froze for 2 hours. With a large sharp knife it can be easily sliced very thin

If this is all too much work, you can buy Rouladen Sauce mix below:

Serve with Potato pureeBread dumplingsSpätzle or Potato dumplings and gravy

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