Beef Rouladen, German Rouladen

German Beef Rouladen

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A favorite meal I prepare for guests while in the US are Rouladen, because it can’t be found in many restaurants. The best meat for Rouladen is Top Round beef cut into 1/4 inch thin steaks.

If you can’t find the thin sliced beef, have a speciality store or Deli butcher slice it for you, or follow my suggestion how it’s easily done at home. For this recipe I have found a 3 lb Top Round Beef Roast, which I froze for 2 hours. With a large sharp knife it should be easy to slice it very thin. If you have a meat/bread slicer machine, that’s even better.

You need to have everything ready. Chop the onions, pickles and bacon. I used to cook my Rouladen in the Dutch Oven or a large deep pan with top. Now I have an Instant Pot, which I prefer, and the Rouladen won’t fall apart. From the time of preparation it will take about 2 hours, shorter with the Instant Pot, about an hour.

Rouladen can be cooked in the “Instant Pot”. Sear on all sides, add 2 cups of beef or chicken broth and a half onion. Place seared Rouladen on a trivet. Cook at high pressure 20 minutes, then a 10 minutes slow release. Thicken the sauce, season with additional salt and pepper and add some red wine, and/or Worcestershire sauce at the end.

  • Rouladen ingredients, bacon, onions, pickles, salt, pepper, mustard
  • Rouladen meat, Top round thin steak
  • Rouladen with Mustard spread
  • Fill Rouladen with bacon, pickles and onions
  • Rouladen closed with tooth picks
  • Raw filled Rouladen o
  • Fry Rouladen in pan
  • Rouladen in Instant Pot
  • Rouladen in containers
  • Beef Rouladen, German Rouladen recipe
  • Beef Rouladen with mashed potatoes and red cabbage

Serve with my Pretzel dumplings or Spätzle, bread or potato dumplings, mashed Potatoes and sweet and sour red Cabbage

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