Döner, a popular street food

Döner is the Turkish version Greek Gyros. When in Germany, I order my Plate with a slaw, cucumber, tomatoes and fried garlic potatoes. It’s my other favorite street food while in Germany.

The true Döner was discovered 1867 by Iskender Efendi (Master Alexander), the original family restaurant is located near Istanbul (Bursa), Turkey, where the Iskender brand is very popular. The Döner at their family restaurant is the original, made with lamb. The basics remain the same, beaten slices of meat are seasoned with local herbs and spices, skewered on a spit and grilled vertically.

  • Doener plate, Turkish food
  • Doener, a Tuerkish street food in Germany, French fries and coleslaw
  • Doener Plate, Turkish fast food in Germany

Today, the Döner in Germany it is made of beef, lamb and/or turkey ground, sometimes pork. Ever since the 70’s, Döner is a stable on German streets.

I always order the plate. but you can have it simply with a pita (Fladenbrot). This fast food comes with fancy slaw, tomatoes and cucumber, garlic home fries, also called garlic potatoes, or simply french fries. Prices range from 3,50 Euros ($4.00) for the pita up to 8.50 Euro ($9.00) for a plate

Served with my Recipe: Tzatziki yoghurt sauce