Bavarian Pork Roast from my Childhood

Bavarian pork roast, Krustenbraten. Schweinebraten

As a child, I remember waking up on a Sunday morning to the smell of my mothers Bavarian Pork Roast in the oven. She would go to the early church service, and then roast the Schweinebraten while we were gone to the later mass. At noon we were ready to sit at the table or Mittagstisch.

Usually you would sear the meat before placing it in the oven or pot. I prefer a smoky taste, so I placed the large pork shoulder on the grill for several minutes, then into the oven for several hours. Another option I prefer is the Instant Pot (see recipe below), but this roast was too large, so it went into the oven.

Serve with my Servietten Semmelknödel

Serviettenknoede, bread dumplings
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