What is a Winewalk or Weinwanderung?

Veitshoechheim Weinwanderung, Winewalk, Weinschlendern

In my hometown in Lower Franconia, wine cooperatives and winegrowers, wineries and regional restaurants organize so-called wine tours or wine hiking days from May to October. I have been at some of these Winewalks, and I truly enjoy it. The “Weinschlendern” as they also call it, started at the Restaurant Sonnenschein at the Main River on a Sunday afternoon in Veitshöchheim, Lower Frankonia. The participants, also the Wine Princesses and the Mayor were greeted with Champaign and Wine to the event

These are one- or multi-day events mainly held in Franconia, Rhineland and Baden Württemberg besides others. These Winewalks or Tours take place in the regional vineyards and wine-growing areas and the nearby villages. There will be almost always a wine tour of an advertised hiking route with several stations, where culinary specialties and, of course, the regional wines can be tasted.

Picture curtesy Dieter Gürz

The wine trails usually have a length of less than 15 kilometers through the surrounding vineyards and associated villages. There are anywhere from 6 to 10 stations with food and wine tasting stations; a typical walking section of a wine route is about a kilometer long.

Guided tours will also provide background information on wine growing, the region, and the history of wine and cultivation in the area.

Some winegrowers or catering establishments also offer wine tours on request. These wine tours are principally guided and are usually tied to a minimum number of people (typically from 15-20 people) and can be booked as a special event with a fee per person.

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