Bamberg, a little Venice


Bamberg is not far from my hometown Würzburg in Upper Franconia and I visited many times. It is a busy tourist destination and a UNESCO World Heritage Site

As a medieval city in North Bavaria, it lies at the rivers Regnitz and Main, also called “Klein Venedig”. The old town is distinguished by its well-preserved buildings from the 11th to the 19th centuries.

Bamberg , a university town and the seat of the archbishopric, is a culturally, economically and religiously important center in Upper Franconia.

The decorated facade paintings of the old Town Hall is located on an island in the Regnitz and can be reached via arched bridges. The Romanesque Bamberger Dom, whose construction began in the 11th century, has 4 towers and numerous stone sculptures. 

Old Townhall with Facade Paintings, Bamberg, Lower Franconia, Bavaria
Old Townhall with Facade Paintings
Bamberg, Lower Franconia, Bavaria
Bamberg, Lower Franconia
Bamberg, Lower Franconia, Bavaria

Take a boat ride on the Regnitz

Riverfront Homes at the Regnitz. Sometimes you see a Gondola. That’s where the name “Little Venice” derived from. Book Gondola rides here

Bamberg, Bavaria
Bamberg, Bavaria

Kloster Michaelsberg or St. Michael’s is a former Benedictine monastery. After its dissolution in 1803 the buildings were used for the almshouse Vereinigtes Katharinen- und Elisabethen-Spital, which is still there as a retirement home. The former abbey church remains in use as the Michaelskirche.

Michaelskirche, Bamberg, Lower Franconia, Bavaria

In the course of the construction of the Benedictine monastery of St. Michael in 1015, and later the collegiate foundations of St. Stephan, St. Gangolf and St. Jakob, Bamberg developed into one of the most important centers of the empire.

The meeting of Emperor Heinrich II and Pope Benedict VIII, which is significant for history, should also be seen in this sense. Henry II, the founder of the empire, and his wife were buried in Bamberg Cathedral. In 1046, Bamberg’s bishop Suidger went down in history as Pope Clement II.

The Bamberg bishops also had a decisive influence in the empire for a very long time as chancellor or vice-chancellor. The Prince-Bishops Franz and von Schönborn made Bamberg a baroque stronghold. The first democratic constitution was created in Bamberg as the seat of the Bavarian government.

Bamberg is known for its smoked Rauchbier and is home to nine breweries, Brauerei Fässla, Brauerei Greifenklau, Brauerei Heller-Trum (Schlenkerla), Brauerei Kaiserdom, Keesmann Bräu, Klosterbräu, Mahrs Bräu and Brauerei Spezial, and one brewpub, Ambräusianum. Every August there is a five-day Sandkerwa, a kirmess celebrated with Rauchbier. Also see Bamberger Rauchbier (Smoked Beer, Schlenkerla)

Rauchbier, Bamberg, Schenkerle sign

Also see Bamberger Rauchbier

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