German Goulash (Gulasch) Sticky post

German Gulasch (Goulash), a traditional home cooked meal

Goulash, in German called Gulasch, is our family tradition for large gatherings and holidays. I prepare two large pots for my daughter and family, and also for the visiting neighbors and friends. Every year at the holidays, they are looking forward to my home cooked meals. We have Spätzle as a side, or wide Noodles and a Boston. lettuce. Continue reading German Gulasch (Goulash), a traditional home cooked meal

Cevapcici, a Balkan sausage

Cevapcici, a Balkan Sausage

I ate this dish in the former Yugoslavia in 1986 (now Croatia) on the way to the famous Plitvicer Lakes. I always ordered a Grill Plate, it was a safe bet because of the language barrier. One way or another I ended up with Cevapcici, a Balkan sausage on my plate.  I prepare this dish with Tzatziki on the side, see recipe Continue reading Cevapcici, a Balkan Sausage

German meat patties, Fleischkräpfle , Frikadellen, Buletten Sticky post

Frikadellen or German Meat Patties

Everyone likes to eat German meat patties or Frikadellen! You can get them at most take-out, like a butcher. But I still believe my mother’s tasted the best! Pretty much everyone has a “family recipe” and this is exactly what I want to share with you today, because these German meat patties are an absolute dream! Continue reading Frikadellen or German Meat Patties

Stuffed Cabbage, Krautwickel, mashed potatoes Sticky post

Krautwickel or Stuffed Cabbage

The other weekend I took advantage of the “man-is-not-at-home hour” and made my mothers cabbage wraps – and really celebrated it! Winter vegetables arouse little enthusiasm in men. And that’s expressed nicely. So on that Saturday I treated myself to this classic. Leaf by leaf filled with spiced hamburger meat and tied into small packs. Yes, admittedly, at the end I still had a lot of cabbage wraps left over. But the good thing about it, they can be frozen. Perfect for lazy weekends when I feel like eating hearty home cooked meal. Continue reading Krautwickel or Stuffed Cabbage