Würzburg, where I grew up

Wuerzburg at night

Whenever we visit my hometown Würzburg we rent a little vacation home in Veitshöchheim, a town 10 km down the river. In the Morning, after our Brötchen run we take take the boat to Würzburg.

Wuerzburg at the Alte Mainbruecke
My Apartment at the “Alte Mainbrücke”
Wuerzburg, Alte Mainbruecke
Wuerzburg, Alte Mainbruecke

The view across the Old Bridge over the Main towards the the silhouette dominated by steeples of old Churches and the Cathedral is a thrilling experience



Würzburg, the seat of the Bishops, owes it’s glory to the Count Schönborn line, with its fine churches, its magnificent facades and the imposing Residence Castle.

Residence Castle Wuerzburg
Residence Castle Wuerzburg

The Residence Castle was built by Architect Balthasar Neumann finished in 1744, partially destroyed in 1945 WWII. It took 40 years to be re-build

Würzburger Rathaus. City hall
Würzburger Rathaus. City hall
Alte Mainbruecke, Old Main bridge
Alte Mainbruecke
View from the Old Main Bridge

View from the “Alte Main Brücke” with the Boat landing from Veitshöchheim. I hung out many times at this Boardwalk and Biergarten.


Wuerzburg at night
Wuerzburg at night
Marienkirche, Wuerzburg, Marktplatz

Marienkapelle, a Gothic style chapel at the Markplatz from the 14th century. It has been damaged through the years, and rebuild, the last time from 1996 to 2003. It’s worth a visit!

Wuerzburg Marktplatz
Wuerzburg Marktplatz
View to Marienberg Wuerzburg

I cherish the view to the Marienberg Fortress. The Mainfranken Museum located on site will carve out a whole afternoon. If good on foot, take up the steps to the Käppele, a Pilgrim Chapel that was spared from WWII

Würzburg painting
My Würzburg painting


Bocksbeutel Wuerzburg
Bocksbeutel of Wuerzburg

A final word about the flourishing wine mountains, the distinctive Wine bottle “Bocksbeutel”, The Silvaner a rather dry wine, and my favorite the Bacchus. Visit one of the oldest Wine restaurants, the Julius Spital, adjacent to the historic Hospital namesake.

I promise you, you will not be disappointed with Würzburg

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Before heading over there, I highly recommend to get some guides:

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