An empty Bocksbeutel wine bottle from 1905 was found in NY City

An exciting day for the people of Würzburg. An empty Wine bottle of 1905 was recently found at a construction work site in NY City at a former Biergarten. The “Bocksbeutel” carries the Coat of Arms of the Bürgerspital in Würzburg

Some well known Vintners of Würzburg researched the archives and found something interesting. An old price list from 1910 had with all probability the wine listed that was found from the year 1904. A “Würzburger Stein” from 1905 or a Würzburger Schalksberg from 1904. Of course the local Franconian Vintners found this exciting.

Article in the Würzburger Mainpost newspaper in 2014:

Mainpost Article that wine bottle 1905 was found

Excited were also the Schwarzmann Girls, Anneliese and Margarete, who owned the Hotel Zur Stadt Mainz in the Semmelstrasse. A relative with the name Johann Baptist Edmund Caspar Haupt imported these Wine bottles or Bocksbeutel to NY City. He was an ancestor of the Schwarzmann family from Volkach.

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In his younger years, Haupt immigrated to America and opened a wine store with his partner Georg Thee. His descendents have been contact with Anneliese and Margarete Schwarzmann for several years.

Just as Margarete posted on the internet about the wine bottle that was found in NY city, one of the relatives, a Great-grandchild of Haupt, saw the post. He is a lawyer in NY City and researched his ancestors, found them, and got back in contact with his family in Unterfranken (Lower Franconia), including the Schwarzmann girls 30 years ago. The younger Haupt’s ancestor found out that this famous Bocksbeutel was found just 11 minutes walk from the Wine store in NY city

Wine shop NY City 1905
Haupt & Thee Wine Shop in NY City around 1900’s

The Bocksbeutel wine bottle is now proof that there was Wine export all over the world in the early 1900’s. Many papers and Wine directories were lost in WWI and WWIl on the Wine export.

Today there will be a hotel built where the Wine bottle was found, and nearby an exhibition of the things that were found at the construction site.This precious Bocksbeutel bottle of 1905 is an ambassador of the Würzburger Wines in America and or the Bürgerspital Weinstuben.

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